Kelly Laustsen

Senior Engineer

Kelly Laustsen

When Kelly was a kid, she was fascinated with highways and when stuck in traffic, she wanted to know why. She wanted to walk to school and ride her bike to the local ice cream shop. While attending the University of Virginia, these early interests merged with her passion for the environment and desire to work with people, and led her to transportation engineering. Since joining Kittelson over six years ago, Kelly has enjoyed working on a large variety of projects across the United States, from corridor studies in Alaska and Texas to bicycle and pedestrian data collection programs in Oregon and California. She loves writing, presenting, working with data, and problem solving. Kelly also keeps busy with a variety of development services projects, including traffic impact studies and site plan reviews. On her ideal weekend, Kelly would be backpacking around Mt. Hood, trail running, riding one of her six bikes, or reading a good book.

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