Li Jin, PhD

Associate Planner

Li is an associate transportation planner working at Kittelson’s Raleigh office. He has more than 11 years of project experience, focusing on transportation data and analytics, big data, and modeling fields using various software and database tools such as ArcGIS, Microsoft Access, and SQL Server. In addition to a Ph.D. degree in transportation engineering, Li has a master’s degree in statistics, which gives him proficient knowledge in statistical experiment design, statistical data validation and analyses, and statistical programming. He has worked on data and analytics tasks for more than 50 transportation projects, including Bluetooth OD studies, corridor studies, PD&E, design traffic, interchange studies, traffic volume and speed studies, transit travel time, and speeds studies.

Li was among those who led the calculation routines of Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Performance Measures and Travel Time Reliability using RCI and TCI data, and NPMRDS and HERE probe speed data. Li is familiar with data sources in FDOT and how to integrate and apply those data sources for data validation and analysis for different types of transportation studies. He developed the data reduction program to analyze the data collected by Bluetooth readers, and summarized vehicle travel speeds and trip ODs for multiple corridor studies. He has used advanced GIS programs to convert LYNX’s Automatic Passenger Counts (APC) data, consisting of millions of bus stop points, into a usable database structure and to show the bus travel times, speeds and delays in Transit Signal Priority before and after studies.

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