Manaswini C

Transportation Analyst

Manaswini’s passion for transportation grew through contemplating the complex transit network in her hometown in India. Her inquisitiveness led her to pursue a master’s degree in transportation engineering from Texas A&M University. During her graduate studies, Manaswini worked intensively on data analytics and statistics for applications in transportation (particularly related to transit and roadways). She later interned at HDR in Houston, where she recasted research-oriented approaches to real-world applications in transportation and became acquainted with signal optimization and warrant analysis projects. Her strengths include data analysis, transit, ITS, and traffic. While at Texas A&M, Manaswini served as vice president of the student ITE chapter (TAMU) and actively participated (and served as executive chair) of the Sangam Indian dance association. She is trained in Indian classical dance forms and Hindustani classical music.