Randy Whitfield

Senior Principal Engineer

Randy Whitfield

Randy has spent four decades in the transportation planning field, serving as director for more than 30 years of a metropolitan planning organization for a major metropolitan area in Southeast Florida. He was involved in long-range planning, short-range programming, capital improvement funding, land use and comprehensive planning and evaluation, multimodal analyses, and coordination and collaboration with local, county, regional, state and federal agencies. His experiences included corridor, areawide and regional planning and modal analysis for the movement of people and goods in a fast-growing urban environment. In recent years, Randy led efforts to coordinate multiple transportation plans in the region to create a multimodal system for seamless mobility across county lines. He has been involved in transportation planning for roadways, buses, commuter rail, and non-motorized modes of travel, as well as in planning for transit-oriented development around rail stations and downtown areas.

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