Yi-Min Ha


Yi-Min Ha

Yi-Min has a range of experience in signal systems, traffic operations, and data analytics.

In order to create products that are truly implementable, Yi-Min believes that engineering should never be confined to sitting behind the desktop. When he started his career in South Florida, Yi-Min developed signal timing plans for various transit-preferential treatment projects, such as transit signal priority and queue jumps. In addition to developing the timing plans, he bench-tested the timings on a traffic signal controller to ensure that it is compatible with his client’s hardware, and fine-tuned the timings in the field. Yi-Min has performed controller testing on a range of controller firmware, including Trafficware and Voyage. He is also experienced in programming GTT Opticom’s Phase Selector and GPS/Radio devices.

Yi-Min also believes in taking a data-driven approach to making decisions and telling stories. He is experienced in working with a range of data sources, including Bluetooth data, probe-data sources, and agency maintained GIS databases. Since 2014, he has been working with the Florida Department of Transportation to publish the Source Book, an annual compendium of current and historical data on Florida’s state and national highway system.

Outside of work, Yi-Min likes to cook, but loves to eat even more. Since moving to Oregon in March 2017, Yi-Min has quickly become the Portland office’s resident food truck guide. Be sure to request a food truck tour if you are visiting the Portland office!

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