What to Expect at TRB 2022

After a noteworthy year in which the world’s largest transportation research conference was moved online, the Transportation Research Board (TRB) Annual Meeting will be back to its…

15th Street Cycle Track at the Washington Monument

Washington, D.C. has made strides to develop an accessible and connected bicycle network across the City to connect all Wards to points of interest, employment centers, and neighborhoods. A critical missing link in that connectivity was between Downtown and Northern Virginia, across the National Mall.

10 Tips for Writing Reports That People Read

Project reports contain a wealth of information—the culmination of months or years of technical analysis, community engagement, and hard work. But if the document is difficult to digest, the impact of that work is limited.

Rancho California Road Roundabout Corridor Study

The Temecula Wine Valley is a special place with impending development pressures. This project stemmed from efforts to preserve and enhance the region’s unique wine country character as documented in the Temecula Valley Wine Country Community Plan—to preserve the area’s rural qualities while accommodating forecast traffic volumes, managing traffic speeds, and increasing transportation safety performance. Significant growth is expected in the area and development pressures added to the importance of establishing a corridor vision and roundabout corridor masterplan. From that plan, individual roundabouts could be advanced to final design construction.

Costco Wholesale Projects

Across the U.S. and Canada, Kittelson supports Costco Wholesale and local agencies in developing mutually effective transportation solutions.

San Marcos General Plan Update

The City of San Marcos sought to develop transportation study guidelines to meet state requirements for vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reductions while also accommodating local traffic needs.

Conversations with Kittelson

We’re hosting a series of four virtual conversations to introduce students to the world of transportation and to life at Kittelson. Register to join us in October and November!

Remembering the Life and Legacy of Janet Barlow

The Janet Barlow Legacy Fund promotes cooperation and mutual understanding between the orientation and mobility (O&M) profession and the transportation engineering and planning profession.

Increasing Our Capacity for Empathy

We bring our experiences into our work. Associate Planner Conor Semler writes about why it’s important for transportation engineers and planners to develop empathy for experiences different from our own.

Chris Romano

Chris specializes in developing equitable, community-driven, context-sensitive, and data-informed solutions for complex transportation projects. With a passion for active transportation and placemaking, he has spent…

Juliet Walker

Juliet has two decades of experience as a community planner and has worked with communities throughout New England, with particular expertise in land use management…