The Shasta Region and City of Redding, CA have been working to build a comprehensive walking and biking network for the region and City to provide more transportation options. With more people walking and biking for everyday needs, developing a safe, comfortable bike networks that connects the cities and communities of Shasta County to the key destinations and activity centers for the region has become a key objective for the Shasta Regional Transportation Agency (SRTA) and City of Redding. How can SRTA and the City of Redding identify and prioritize bikeways to create a comprehensive regional bikeway network?


Kittelson worked with SRTA and the City of Redding to develop a series of maps identifying existing biking conditions and key locations across the region that could benefit from bicycle and pedestrian connections. Kittelson also developed an adaptation of the Bicyclist Level of Traffic Stress methodology to evaluate bicyclist stress in both urban and rural contexts across the region. These analytic components were combined with a series of walking audits, public meetings, and online webmap comments to develop a recommended network focused on low-stress bikeways and pedestrian improvements for the City and Region. This recommended network will allow residents of the Shasta County region to travel within their communities and between key destinations on uninterrupted low-stress bike routes while also providing key focus areas for pedestrian improvements.

The Outcome

A Fundable Plan for Redding’s Bikeways

Kittelson & Associates, Inc. is working with SRTA and the City of Redding to finalize the recommended biking and walking network recommendations to develop a prioritize list of projects for future implementation. These networks will be documented in the GoShasta Regional and City of Redding Active Transportation Plans to help pursue future grants and provide a vision for bikeway and pedestrian improvements going forward. SRTA has already obtained funding to continue this project and begin implementing the highest-priority regional projects.




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Shasta County, California