MetroPlan Orlando Travel Data Program

As in other sectors, transportation is seeing an exponential growth in the availability of large volumes of data that influence how decisions are made—from people making individual travel choices to transportation agencies deciding on their next infrastructure investment. One large dataset available for transportation planning is mobile device tracking data (MDTD), available from companies such as AirSage, one of the leading providers of MDTD in the United States.

The MetroPlan Orlando Travel Data Program effort began with an “under the hood” look at data from AirSage. Sources, assumptions, and limitations were carefully reviewed and documented, and a data presentation tool was developed to give access to the data to a broader audience at MetroPlan Orlando and its partner agencies. Basic aggregation and analysis steps were also performed to gauge the applicability of the data at the regional planning level. Subject to limitations on “corner cases,” the effort found that MDTD holds promise as a data source for regional, systems-level planning. Throughout the effort, the efficiency of interactive, multifaceted data viewers (“dashboards”) in displaying large amounts of data was demonstrated.