The 6-lane Greenbelt Road posed several safety challenges to users, including the inability to use the road to bike, walk, and reach parks and nearby retail establishments on foot or bike. The City of Greenbelt worked with the community to identify four goals for the corridor: right-size it for potential demand, make it a place people want to walk and bike, improve the transit experience, and connect residential communities, businesses, neighborhoods, parks, and trails.


Kittelson led the Greenbelt Road (MD 193) Corridor Plan, which incorporated active transportation and better transit service to create a well-connected, safe, and accessible network for people walking and biking. Corridors like this one provide high-impact opportunities to positively influence health and equity outcomes for current users and the local communities.

The Outcome

A Plan to Make a 6-Lane Corridor More Community-Friendly

The plans for Greenbelt Road will increase multimodal connectivity to destinations and residential communities along and across the corridor and improve safety for all road users. The recommended projects and strategies align with the community-identified project goals.




Metropolitan Washington Council of Government (MWCOG)


Greenbelt, MD