parkDC: Neighborhoods


For this project, KAI coordinated with Quality Counts, LLC. (QC) and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to collect data at over 2,300 block faces in Washington, D.C. Counts were completed while schools and Congress were in session, and the U.S. Secret Service, Capitol Police, Metropolitan Police, and other government agencies in the district were informed in advance of the counts to minimize disruptions.

Two types of data were collected as part of this effort: occupancy data (parking occupancy by block) and vehicle data (type of vehicle, license plate state and number, and the display of residential/visitor parking permits) for every vehicle parked on the street. Prior to data collection, KAI worked with QC to test various collection methods in a smaller area. Training and guidance procedures were developed that could be used by temporary or part-time employees less familiar with the project. Manual and automated data collection methods were tested, including the use of a customized ArcCollector interface that cut data collection times in half and eliminated the need for post-processing. This allowed QC to collect vehicle type data on 360% more block faces than originally scoped.

As a result of this intensive data collection effort, the District Department of Transportation has data from over 120,000 vehicles parked on the street during weekday morning, midday, and afternoon peak hours, along with Friday evenings, Saturdays, and Sunday midday. This data helps DDOT respond to questions and issues raised from the public, and helps inform parking policies, including the location of loading zones and accessible spaces. Using lessons learned from the data collection efforts, KAI helped DDOT develop guidance for future data collection efforts; DDOT now has a mechanism for collecting updated vehicle data using in-house staff (summer interns) for additional neighborhoods in Washington, D.C.