At Kittelson, we compensate based on the high value we place on having high quality employees. Our approach to compensation and benefits is built around a few key principles:

Actively develop the financial independence of Kittelson team members.

We think in terms of total compensation, which goes well beyond base compensation and encompasses retirement planning, insurance, time-off benefits, professional development opportunities, year-end performance bonus, and more.

Champion the growth of every team member.

Through our internal staff development program, The Road Ahead, everyone meets with a coach or leader throughout the year to set and check in on goals that align with their desired career trajectory. As part of this process, the responsibilities, compensation, and staff level of every team member are assessed midway through the year. In addition, everyone has equal access to our year-end bonus pool.

Build trust through relationships.

It’s important to our culture that we build trust through conversations, not policies. We understand that every one of our employees has unique circumstances and benefit preferences, which is why our benefits have been shaped to incorporate choice and flexibility.

Continuously monitor and adapt.

We keep a pulse on market pay and benefits so that we can remain in the upper half of external market trends for all staff in the geographies where we operate. We use a lens of internal equity and fairness when making changes to compensation rates, and our benefits continue to evolve as we receive feedback from team members.