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Kittelson & Associates, Inc., has provided transportation engineering, planning, and research services to government agencies, municipalities, and private organizations since 1985. Our staff lead national research projects, mentor one another, provide training and guidance for industry professionals, and above all, continually look for ways to improve the value of our work. We develop thoughtful and creative transportation solutions that directly apply to real-world problems, with the goal of improving the performance of transportation systems and equitably serving all members of a community. If there’s a transportation challenge you’re facing, contact us at 800.878.5230 – we’re here to help.

Kittelson & Associates, Inc., ensures nondiscrimination and equal employment opportunity in all its programs and activities, in accordance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. For additional information or assistance related to our equal opportunity policy, contact Melissa Bourquein at 503.535.7441.

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