Ideas Biking to Work

Getting to Work the Kittelson Way

Here at Kittelson, we like to think of ourselves as transportation nerds… and that transportation nerds get to work differently than the average US commuter….

Jorge Barrios
Ideas Complete Streets

Complete Streets Defined

The term “complete streets” has gained momentum in recent years, but the concept is time-tested. How can we develop networks that meet a community’s needs?…

Amanda Leahy Laurence Lewis
Ideas Kittelson Internships

Finding the Right Internship for YOU: Part Two

Once you’re confident in the guiding principles and opportunities presented, it’s time to engage in practical steps to demonstrate how your internship is a good fit. Kittelson interns past and present tell you how.

Ideas Utah Zero Fatality

Utah’s Zero-Fatality Safety Summit

Last week, the Utah Department of Public Safety and the Utah Department of Transportation hosted over 400 participants at their state’s Zero Fatalities Safety Summit….