You won't be running for coffee or making photocopies.

This isn’t your average internship. At Kittelson, you’ll have the same responsibilities as an entry-level employee, and we’ll pair you with a mentor to help you on your journey. You’ll also take part in our annual Intern Jamboree, a week-long medley of field trips, presentations, and meet-and-greets with all of our interns.

Intern Bike Tour
Interns at Work

Our three-month internships take place (usually) during the summer. We look for graduate and undergraduate students with open minds, a passion to learn about the transportation profession, the ability to think critically and solve complex problems, and a drive to move the industry forward.

I saw that it’s really important to be open to learning new skills. For example, I'm a planner, but Kittelson encourages planners to pick up engineering skills too and use those as part of the process.

- Margaret Kent, Kittelson Transportation Analyst and Former Boston Intern

We offer more than 25 work locations around the country, from Anchorage, Alaska, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. While chances are good we have an office near you, we also place our interns based on personality and interests for the best fit.

Choosing an internship, career path, and work organization are all significant life decisions. What do you want to accomplish during your internship? We encourage you to explore the people, clients, and culture of a variety of organizations before making your choice.

Interns at Work

It's given me a goal of what I'd like to do, hopefully in my hometown. The Jamboree was a phenomenal and unique experience that I won't forget anytime soon.

- Daniel Torre, Kittelson Transportation Analyst and Former Tucson Intern

Our recruitment period for summer internships begins in September and runs through November. During that time, we invite you to connect with us at a university outreach event and participate in our internship webinar (view our 2019 student webinar, held in October). We extend internship offers on a rolling basis beginning in early winter. You can also jump right in and express your interest in joining us for a summer internship or opening a dialogue about other opportunities at Kittelson. We look forward to hearing from you!