You won't be running for coffee or making photocopies.

This isn’t your average internship. At Kittelson, you’ll have the same responsibilities as an entry-level employee, and we’ll pair you with a mentor to help you on your journey. Our internship program is designed around collaboration, giving you every opportunity possible to interact with Kittelson staff and get to know your fellow interns, while seeing firsthand what it’s like to work in the transportation profession.

Kittelson internship programs offer a chance for you to work with industry professionals, and they will teach and train you to put into practice the theory you learn in the classroom.

- 2022 Intern

You’ll spend your time working on real projects, including software analysis, field work, technical writing, graphics development, client meetings, public engagement, and work sessions. While based in one of Kittelson’s many offices, you’ll be exposed to staff across the firm through training sessions, informal meetings, project work, and a two-day Intern Summit focused on engaging with transportation professionals, Kittelson leadership, and other interns.

2019 intern summit in Portland

Interns from Kittelson and local transportation agencies on a bicycle tour in Portland, Oregon as part of the 2019 Intern Summit

2022 Intern Jambroee

Kittelson summer interns and staff in Orlando, Florida.

Kittelson’s internship program takes place every summer. Interns earn a competitive pay, ranging from $22.00-$30.25 per hour depending on their year in school and the office location where they work. Interns also receive a relocation bonus to assist with costs related to their move and housing for the summer.

My main piece of advice is to ask a lot of questions and take advantage of the company culture that encourages curiosity. These can be about various aspects of the projects that you work on, projects that you are curious about, work life balance, business development or about the wide variety of experience that firm members bring to the table.

- 2022 Intern

Our internship program is an important part of who we are as an organization and we strive to provide a valuable learning experience for all interns. We look for graduate and undergraduate students with open minds, strong communication skills, a passion to learn about the transportation profession, the ability to think critically and solve complex problems, and a drive to move the industry forward.

This internship gives us a challenge: Dig deep into the lifelong learning attitude - while being your own biggest advocate for personal and professional growth. You are enough, and you earned this opportunity to learn as much as you can.

- 2022 Intern

We begin our intern selection process in September and encourage early applications, as most intern commitments are confirmed by the end of December.

Apply for our 2023 summer internship here.

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