Experienced professionals join Kittelson from a variety of backgrounds, but there’s a common thread that runs through it all: the opportunity to have a meaningful impact.


When asked what gave them the confidence to make the mid-career leap to Kittelson, senior team members highlighted the following aspects of the Kittelson environment:

One Firm Approach

Our organizational structure is set up to maximize cross-office collaboration. We form project teams based on skill set and interest, not location, which removes internal competition, benefits clients, and enables us to share talent and skills seamlessly across the firm. Similarly, all team members have equal access to year-end profits.

Trust-Based Environment

We don’t have a top-down business development strategy—it’s shaped as we follow our people. All team members at Kittelson are encouraged to think and act as owners. This means senior team members have tremendous opportunity to influence not only the growth of our firm, but also the well-being of communities, as they pursue meaningful projects at the leading edge of the profession.


Since our establishment in 1985, we have taken thoughtful steps to maintain strong financial health, including development of an ownership structure that sets the firm up for future success and longevity. Through a combination of entrepreneurial-based and people-centric approaches, our business development aligns with where our people and the profession are leading, which results in measured, organic growth.

Serving Others First

The #1 answer we hear for what draws people to Kittelson, and what makes them stay, is our people. We truly care about one another’s success, and seek to practice servant leadership at all levels through looking out for the needs of the people around us. When it comes to growth, we hope to always be driven more by our guiding principles than profitability mandates.

You’re in the Driver’s Seat

When the firm is at your fingertips, the opportunities are endless. By following your passions, you’ll find an abundance of opportunity here to shape the strategy of new initiatives in existing and emerging markets.

Ready to take the next step in your career?

Apply via one one of our open positions, or start a conversation with us through a general expression of interest. We review all applications carefully and look forward to hearing what impact you’re ready to make through your work.