As September began, the 2022 internship program closed out and Kittelson said goodbye to the last few remaining interns. This summer, our 17 interns gained hands-on skills, learned important lessons, and contributed to the success of projects across the firm. After the last two years of virtual and hybrid internships, the 2022 summer interns spent most of their time in the office interacting with other interns and Kittelson staff.

2022 Intern Jambroee

Kittelson summer interns and staff in Orlando, Florida.

About Our Internship Program

Kittelson’s internship program takes place every summer; it is a vital part of our culture and an opportunity to give back to the profession. The program pairs interns with mentors to help guide their summer experience. Our program emphasizes collaboration, learning, and communication. All in all, we want our interns to know what it means to be a transportation professional by the end of the program.

“Kittelson internship programs offer a chance for you to work with industry professionals, and they will teach and train you to put into practice the theory you learn in the classroom.” –2022 Intern

There are many opportunities for our interns to learn and grow throughout the summer. Activities include regular meetings with mentors, technical training sessions, weekly intern check-ins, meet and greets with Kittelson staff around the country, the Intern Jamboree, and project work. Project work is the core of the internship program as it provides interns the opportunity to put what they’ve learned in school into practice. This summer’s interns conducted software analysis, collected data in the field, wrote reports, developed graphics, and met with the public and clients.

Technical Training Sessions

Technical training sessions are an important aspect of our internship program. Each week, interns take part in sessions led by Kittelson staff. Sessions cover a range of topics, including traffic operations, micromobility, roundabouts, and emergency technologies, which help introduce interns to the broad scope of projects that Kittelson staff work on.

“Having open, honest conversations were really helpful to understand what skills will be expected of me as full-time staff.” –Nishita Kandikuppa

Weekly Intern Check-Ins

While Kittelson’s interns are spread across the country, the program is designed to foster connections and collaboration between interns and Kittelson staff. Interns meet online every week to talk about their experiences and work they are involved in. During the Intern Jamboree, interns are able to meet in person, enjoy each other’s company, and have new experiences with each other—like going to Universal Studios.

“The overall team environment and mentality of Kittelson is something really special. It’s something that I haven’t seen in my other experiences.” –Franklin Pandoy

Intern Jamboree

intern selfie on Orlando walking tour

The Intern Jamboree is a highlight of the summer for many interns. All the interns from across the country come together in one location to connect with each other, Kittelson staff, and interns from other agencies. This year’s Intern Jamboree was held in Orlando, Florida. One of the highlights of the Intern Jamboree was the Creative Village walking tour. This experience allowed interns to see the real human scale of the designs and planning work done at Kittelson by touring a neighborhood with Kittelson staff and city representatives to see challenges in planning and design firsthand.

Fun fact: Some of the bricks in downtown Orlando are so old they have small finger indents from when workers would pick up the bricks. Nowadays, bricks are manufactured, so you don’t see that small personal touch anymore.

Interns by the Numbers

Here are some of our numbers from this summer’s intern class.

17 interns

17 hometowns spanning

4 countries

16 colleges across the United States

13 Kittelson offices with one or more interns

8 Myers Briggs personality types

8 different academic backgrounds

15 different favorite snacks

314 projects worked on across all interns

“It’s a really special quality to have such a wide range of perspectives that can, in the future, serve diverse communities around the nation.” –Matt Steele

Looking Ahead to Summer 2023

Kittelson is currently making plans to visit a number of universities in the fall and accepting applications for our summer 2023 internships. We look for graduate and undergraduate students with open minds, strong communication skills, a passion to learn about the transportation profession, the ability to think critically and solve complex problems, and a drive to move the industry forward. If you are interested in an internship with Kittelson, we invite you to learn more about the program and how to apply here.