Kudos to Kittelson Associate Planner Conor Semler, who was featured in a New York Times article this week about getting to the airport by bicycle.

When he travels to the Boston Logan Airport for business – on average twice a month – Conor prefers to commute by bicycle. He joins other business travelers who want to reduce automobile traffic and avoid parking fees. Although the trip doesn’t come without obstacles, Conor says it’s worth it to be outside of the car.

“The first time I rode my bike to Logan, it was mostly for the novelty. But after trying it I realized it was not just possible but kind of easy.”

- Conor Semler in the New York Times

In the article, writer Amy Zipkin describes how airports are taking measures to cater to the biking community, providing free bicycle storage, bicycle assembly areas, access to bike paths and more.

Kittelson thanks Amy Zipkin and the New York Times for spreading the word about the increasingly multimodal options available to business travelers.

You can read the full article here.


Left: Business travelers can use bikeshares to travel from the airport to their final destination.
Right: Conor Semler arrives at Logan International Airport.