Will you be attending the 2020 Conference on Roads & Streets? We’re excited to join one of Arizona’s biggest annual transportation events from September 22-25 to present on a range of topics–from technology transition planning to transportation safety to planning with an emphasis on health. If you’ll be there too, we hope to connect with you at one or more of the below events!

Optimizing Transportation Investment – How ICE (Intersection Control Evaluation) is helping ADOT & PCDOT
Speakers: Steve Wilson and Felipe Ladron de Guevara
Tuesday, September 22, 10:15-11:00am

Steve Wilson and Felipe Ladron de Guevara will provide an overview of Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE), a data-driven cost evaluation approach that allows agencies to consistently identify the optimal investment and solution for intersection improvements. ADOT will describe the benefits of this new approach to evaluating intersection alternatives and its applicability, and Pima County Department of Transportation will describe the Pima Intersection Control Evaluation Spreadsheet (PICES) which is a planning-level tool that uses a life-cycle cost analysis to evaluate intersection alternatives.

Impacts of Transformational Technologies on Land Use and Transportation
Tuesday, September 22, 11:15am-12:00pm
Speaker: Abby Morgan

How will new technologies in personal travel, goods movement, and logistics impact infrastructure investments and long-range planning decision making? Hot off the presses is the first national guidebook for State DOTs and local agencies on the impacts of transformational technologies on land use and transportation. During this presentation, Abby Morgan will present the research Kittelson & Associates led for this guidebook and describe how public agencies can best respond to the policy and planning challenges of new technologies.

The City of Phoenix Key Corridors Master Plan: Creating Complete Transportation Networks By Planning
Speakers: Brian Fellows and Vamshi Yellisetty
Friday, September 25, 10:15-11:00am

Through the Key Corridors Master Plan (KCMP), the City of Phoenix is shifting their focus from moving cars to moving people by prioritizing mobility options through smart, connected design. In this presentation, Brian Fellows and Vamshi Yellisetty will share the innovative approaches and strategies that were incorporated to make this bold cultural shift a reality.

Planning for Change: Tucson’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan
Speakers: Krista Hansen and Felipe Ladron de Guevara
Friday, September 25, 11:15am-12:00pm

Krista Hansen and Felipe Ladron de Guevara will take a deep dive into the City of Tucson’s Pedestrian Safety Action Plan to describe how Tucson is working towards positive, sustained safety outcomes. This session will explore citywide collision trends, dissects the causes behind the statistics, and outlines the development of a clear, actionable plan to improve pedestrian safety on Tucson’s streets.

You can find the full conference schedule, and register if you haven’t already, on ACEC Arizona’s website.