As the COVID-19 story continues to unfold, we’re closely tracking updates and recommendations from the Center for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) and adjusting our habits accordingly. Every day, we can make the choice to stay informed. We can, at the same time, make the choice to be calm, discerning, and considerate of others through our actions.

The majority of Kittelson staff have transitioned to working remotely, and we’re preparing for the likelihood of going fully remote. During this time, we remain responsive to all projects. Cross-office collaboration is central to the way we approach projects, so we are fortunate to be set up to work efficiently while remote. The privilege of being able to take our work to our homes is not something we take lightly!

Below are a few of the resources we’ve created; we hope you find them insightful.

COVID-19 and Transportation Patterns

In recognition of the tremendous impact that COVID-19 outbreak has on our transportation systems, we’ve been closely following the changes in travel patterns over the past few weeks, and sharing the data on our blog.

Keeping Transportation Projects Moving During COVID-19

Social distancing and unique travel patterns pose barriers—but your projects can progress. Read about developing reasonable estimates of existing and future travel demands, and tools available for online community engagement.

Staying Connected, Motivated, & Encouraged While Working Remotely

Here are the principles that guided our transition to remote operations, and that help us stay genuinely connected while working remotely.