“Roadway design and stormwater management go hand in hand. The rain that falls on the roadway has to go somewhere. And when you don’t plan for stormwater early on, the whole design becomes complicated.”

Cedomir Jesic, Kittelson & AssociatesCedomir Jesic is passionate about the consideration of water resources in transportation design. For more than 20 years, he has worked with a variety of public and private clients on civil engineering and water resources projects of all shapes and sizes, from master planning to design implementation.

The next step Cedomir is looking to take in his career-applying his experience to build a new stormwater practice for a company he believes in-aligns with a current area of growth for us at Kittelson. We are excited to welcome Cedomir to our Portland office as a principal engineer who will take the lead on serving our clients by offering stormwater management services in-house.

Cedomir, who brings a track record of developing and managing a water resources practice for a large civil engineering firm, will focus his time on managing the stormwater aspects of projects, mentoring younger staff who are interested in water resources, and developing relationships inside and outside Kittelson in order to build the knowledge, capabilities, and project teams needed to pursue relevant projects.

“Getting to build a stormwater practice from the ground up really energized my career,” explains Cedomir. “I am excited for the chance to face another blank canvas and build something new for Kittelson. I am also looking forward to sharing the knowledge I’ve collected throughout my career and providing opportunities for the people around me to learn something new.”

"I am excited for the chance to face another blank canvas and build something new for Kittelson."

- Cedomir Jesic, Principal Engineer

Please help us extend a warm Kittelson welcome to Cedomir! You can contact him directly here.