Kittelson & Associates looks forward to serving more Pennsylvania communities through the opening of a new office in Harrisburg, PA!

After a career at PennDOT that spanned 35 years, Glenn Rowe has joined the team as our newest Senior Principal Engineer, and will lead Kittelson’s expansion into Harrisburg. Glenn brings an exciting entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to help us support clients throughout Pennsylvania.

Glenn meets Kittelson’s Northeast region at a regional planning meeting.


Glenn recently retired from PennDOT after holding a variety of positions, most recently Chief of the Highway Safety and Traffic Operations Division. His areas of expertise include foundational work in signal systems, connected and automated vehicles, data analytics, freeway operations, and safety.

Through our many interactions with him at PennDOT, Kittelson staff are confident in the values he shares with our firm. Glenn’s passion for the profession, others-focused mindset and entrepreneurial spirit will serve communities in Pennsylvania and throughout the country.

At Kittelson, we look for candidates who carry our passion to serve the profession, and have seen that in Glenn for years through our working relationship with PennDOT.

- Mark Vandehey, President/CEO

The new Harrisburg office will officially open in January 2019. Until then, Glenn joins our friends in Philadelphia, and looks forward to connecting with Kittelson staff across the country.