Kittelson senior engineer Abby Morgan, PhD, PE, discussed connected and autonomous vehicles at “How we move in and into the future – technology and transportation design,” a panel conversation presented as part of the TRANSPORT section of the Urbanism Summitheld February 15, 2018, at WeWork Miami (117 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida). Abby was joined by fellow panelists Juan Felipe Enriquez Fiallo and Max Zabala and moderator Mark Lesniak.

About the Urbanism Summit:
In the words of summit founder Andrew Quarrie: “If ever there was a time to build the places in which we dwell to be transformative through innovative thinking, collaboration, and implementation, that moment would be right now. Working in silos rarely fosters scalable and exponential progress. The Urbanism Summit was designed to help multiple facets of urbanism move as one, while solving critical problems, together. Join us and let the creative collision begin.”

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