Kittelson presented “Modern Applications of Transportation Safety Programs and Projects” at the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) Technical Workshop and Vendor Show in San Diego, held October 12, 2017.

Speaking in Session 2, Jim Schoen, PE, a senior principal engineer based in Kittelson’s Tucson office, and Matt Braughton, a senior planner representing Kittelson Sacramento, discussed the positive evolution of transportation safety evaluations from “nominal” safety measurements (dimensional standards) and “surrogates” (congestion) to quantified safety performance, including how performance-based planning and design decisions are informed. The quantified safety performance discussion was based on the Highway Safety Manual (HSM), 1st Edition, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) safety concepts, including systemic safety reviews. Jim and Matt also discussed the principles of performance-based evaluations, the range of applications (from urban to rural), and systemic safety evaluation concepts.

Jim Schoen has more than 30 years of experience in the planning, preliminary engineering, and final design of roadway intersections and arterials, including those serving pedestrians, bicycles, and transit. Matt Braughton specializes in transportation safety planning and analysis, multimodal planning, and GIS analysis and mapping.