Kittelson is excited to be part of a team (led by PGA Design) to improve City of Oakland (California) connectivity from downtown and Chinatown to the Oakland waterfront. The “Walk This Way” project was conceived by the city to redress difficulties pedestrians and bicyclists have in navigating the I-880 underpasses at Broadway and Webster to reach destinations at Jack London Square and the waterfront.

In “Oakland to improve pathways from downtown, Chinatown to waterfront,” by Rebecca Parr (East Bay Times, July 27, 2017), Christina Ferracane of Oakland’s planning department states, “This project will reknit three neighborhoods that have been severed from one another for decades by an elevated highway. And it will enable all Oaklanders to walk safely between downtown and our beautiful waterfront.” Although the project currently has funding only for the design phase, Oakland residents and visitors can look forward to one day being able to more easily access these key neighborhoods, which are home to a number of restaurants, theaters and nightclubs as well as the Jack London Square ferry terminal and Amtrak station.