Please join us in extending a warm Kittelson welcome to G. Wade Walker, P.E., Hon. ASLA, whose first day with Kittelson will be Monday, April 20.

For the past 27 years, Wade has worked in the realm of complete streets and context-sensitive solutions, focusing on the restoration of livability to streets, smart growth, and walkability.

“My career has been dedicated to creating mobility systems that focus on livability, not simply moving cars as quickly as possible,” says Wade. “Through the years I have worked with Kittelson staff, and know they share the same dedication to creating places for people, and I’m excited to be able to collaborate with this extremely talented group of people.”

Wade ascribes to a multidisciplinary design approach, often working closely with planners, landscape architects, and urban designers to focus on creating active, vibrant, and great communities where people have real choices of how they move about. In 2016, he was conferred the title of Honorary ASLA by the American Society of Landscape Architects for his contributions to the practice of landscape architecture and placemaking by a non-landscape architect.

Notable projects Wade has been involved in include Virginia’s Route 50 Traffic Calming Plan in Northern Virginia; Plan Baton Rouge Downtown Revitalization Strategy; and the Scenic and Historic A1A Coastal Byway Master Plan in St. Johns County, Florida.  Wade says one of his favorite things about the work he does is that no two projects are ever the same.

“Sure, there are principles and elements that cross geographic and contextual boundaries, but each community I’ve ever worked in has its own unique set of issues, challenges, and potential solutions,” he says. “What drives me is that in each of these places, we as professionals get to collaborate with local resident stakeholders, and help them realize the vision of what they want their community to be through thoughtful enhancements to the public realm that give them choices about how they move.”

Wade joins us all in serving clients from home for the time being. He will ultimately be based in our Orlando office. Kittelson’s commitment to maintaining connection as “one firm, many locations” is a key part of what makes us who we are, and we are excited for the many ways Wade’s experience will benefit our clients all across the country.

To start a conversation with Wade, feel free to contact him directly!