Two words define our approach—"thoughtful" and "informed."

It’s probably obvious, but we love our team. The amazing people who make up Kittelson form the cornerstone of our success now and into the future. We are proud that we take time and care when considering new hires. We want you to care, too.

I chose Kittelson because of our expertise, ability to work on a variety of projects, one-firm approach, and wonderful employees. I continue to love and appreciate Kittelson because of our humble leaders, our dedication to our employees, our dedication to the industry, and – most importantly – because we're family.

- Kylie Caviness, Engineer

Like any major life decision you will make, choosing your profession – and in this case, your employer – is a long-term decision. To help in that effort, and because each candidate is unique, Kittelson engages with prospective team members in a way that allows us the greatest opportunity to get to know one another. Below are typical interactions we have with our candidates:

Candidate questions

We ask potential team members to answer a series of questions to learn how you like to work and why you think Kittelson may be a good fit.

Social media

Check out our social media channels – LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook – to gain perspective and insight into the people who make up our firm.

Office visits

Schedule a visit to one of Kittelson’s offices. Candidates are invited to join a staff meeting, participate in an office social function, or simply talk to staff to hear different perspectives on our values and the breadth and depth of the work we do.

Job shadowing

Participate in a one-on-one job shadow to get a hands-on look at the transportation challenges our professionals face. Job shadows also offer us a chance to better understand your passion for the profession.

Knowledge sharing

Share samples of your work or research with us. We also ask candidates to present to the firm on a topic of your choice. This provides a great forum for a wide array of Kittelson staff to get to know you.

After each engagement, we ask that you reflect on your cumulative experiences with us, so that we continue to stay aligned in our growing interest and understanding of one another. This allows us to further customize next steps based on your needs, and ours.

In the end – no matter the outcome – we can make a thoughtful, informed decision about one another. Are you interested in taking the first step on this journey? Express your interest in becoming part of the Kittelson team! We welcome the opportunity.