Simple Tools for ADA Ramp Construction

As part of our Transportation Equity Challenge, DJ Gregory and Andrew Bailey from Kittelson Tucson explain what ramp construction has to do with equity, and how we can do better.

Takeaways from a Virtual TRB Annual Meeting

Read a summary of the Transportation Research Board’s 100th Annual Meeting, how TRB pulled off the meeting virtually, and what four themes emerged out of the hundreds of sessions.

A New Fleet of Automated Shuttles is Coming to Lake Nona, Florida

As part of a BUILD grant for a multimodal network throughout Lake Nona, Florida, Tavistock Development Company is partnering with Beep, Inc. to create the “Move Nona” automated vehicle program, which will be one of the largest automated shuttle fleets in the world within a single community.

5 Activities That Kept Us Connected in 2020

Virtual meeting fatigue is real, but it shouldn’t sabotage opportunities to connect. Here are five activities that helped us stay connected while working remotely for most of 2020.

The Case for Protected Intersections

What is a protected intersection? Read how and why the design works, and where we are seeing protected intersections being built in the United States.