Alec Donowitz

Transportation Analyst (He/Him)

Alec’s goal is to create streets that are safe, sustainable, and livable by calming traffic, designing safe and comfortable walking and biking facilities, improving accessibility, expanding and prioritizing public transit, reducing the role of traffic enforcement through design, and reducing our dependence on the automobile. He has diverse experience in transportation planning, traffic engineering, geometric design, and bicycle infrastructure design and he applies his technical knowledge to improve the safety, livability, and sustainability of our communities. His focus on urban street design projects gives him insight into working in complex environments and with diverse stakeholders. Throughout his education and early career, Alec has developed several concepts and final designs in the greater Boston area and gained familiarity with roadway design principles and practices from the Netherlands. Alec can balance the goals and needs of contractors, local government, residents, and businesses, by leveraging his experience in both the private and public sectors. Outside of work, Alec is often riding and repairing bikes, eating and judging pizza, hiking, cycle touring, and going on long tangents about urban design, sometimes all at the same time..

Ideas Alec has written about