Ananta Sinha, PhD

Engineering Associate

Ananta earned a PhD in engineering from the University of Georgia in July 2022. He is passionate about data science in transportation engineering and provides data driven solutions to transportation problems. Ananta’s interests include the application of machine learning in traffic forecasting, highway infrastructure safety analysis using vehicle weight data, and utilizing connected vehicle data to improve traffic safety and mobility. Prior to joining Kittelson, he worked with Arkansas Department of Transportation as an engineer and was actively involved with the research team in monitoring ongoing research projects. During his doctoral degree, he worked with the Georgia Department of Transportation and did several projects on highway bridge maintenance and vehicle weight forecasting involving Weigh-In-Motion Data. Apart from work, he loves travelling, hiking in the mountains, and spending time in nature. His current goal is to visit all the National Parks and all 50 states in the US. He also loves playing cricket, badminton, racquet ball, and soccer, as well as cooking and eating authentic Indian (Bengali) food fused with Mediterranean spices.

Ideas Ananta has written about