Anthea Fernandes

Transportation Analyst (she/her)

Anthea is an urban planner focusing on urban design, transit planning and community building to make cities more resilient and inclusive. Anthea completed her master’s degree in city and regional planning with a minor in historic preservation planning at Cornell University. Prior to joining Kittelson, she received the Alan Black Transportation-Related Grant 2020-2021 for her project at Cornell University that investigated how gendered narratives of safety in public spaces impact people’s mobility in New York City and Mumbai. At Kittelson, Anthea continues to work on projects with a focus on safety, placemaking, and multimodal planning, which she draws from her collective experiences as an architect and a commuter in the various cities she has lived in. She collaborates on a range of projects that entail research and analysis, concept development, visualizations, graphic communication, and public engagement. When she is not working, she enjoys photography, sketching, or leisurely walking around exploring a new city.