Hermanus Steyn

Senior Principal Engineer

Hermanus Steyn

Hermanus has more than two decades of experience in a variety of multimodal transportation studies for all types of roadways – from local streets to freeways – with a particular focus on conceptual and detailed geometric design. On such projects, he considers impacts to natural resources, constructability, phased implementation opportunities, traffic control, and cost estimating in establishing the appropriate improvements. He also has extensive experience in preparing final traffic and roadway plans, special provisions, and cost estimates for transportation engineering projects. Hermanus understands the interaction between geometry, operations, and safety for all modes, as well as considers and analyzes trade-offs to development community-based solutions. Outside of work, he loves spending time with his family and tries to stay active by bicycle commuting to work, running (such as Hood-to-Coast Relay), and playing sports (e.g., touch rugby, tennis).

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