Jon Crisafi

Associate Engineer

Jon has over a decade’s worth of experience in transportation engineering and works on a range of technical specialties across the country. Focused mostly on traffic engineering, Jon specializes in traffic operations analysis and design including both conceptual design levels and final design packages.

Jon’s traffic operations experience focuses on urban and multimodal networks and corridors, and often employs innovative intersection design and traffic signal timing/phasing to achieve better balances across all modes. His work with operations modeling applications includes the development of complex microsimulation models from miles of freeways to urban grid networks. Jon has contributed to many arterial projects focused on transit prioritization, including Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and dedicated right-of-way for transit, transit signal priority (TSP), and queue jumps. Because all transit is boarded and alighted by those not driving a vehicle, Jon’s designs and models all consider the connectivity, impact, and safety of pedestrians and bicycles through either space (geometric improvements) or time (signalization).

In addition to traffic operations, Jon is a practiced design engineer and supports final design efforts mostly in the traffic area, which include traffic signals, signing, and pavement markings. Jon’s design practice also focuses on multimodal facilities, including bike lanes, cycle tracks, and BRT transitway signalization. A protected bicycle facility connecting downtown Washington DC to the tidal basin and connections to Virginia is a marquee example of Jon’s designs and can be visited on the National Mall along the 15th Street cycle track.

One of Jon’s strengths is incorporating traffic operations understanding into the development of these designs. This includes developing final design plans for the traffic operations analysis conducted by Jon and his colleagues. Notable examples of this work are the Army Navy Drive Complete Streets project in Pentagon City within Arlington County and the 12th Street Transitway.

Jon is a graduate of Penn State University (both BS and MS in Civil Engineering) and began his involvement with ITE as the student chapter president (2011-12). Nearly a decade later, Jon is serving as the Washington DC Section of ITE (WDCSITE) president for the 2023 term and actively advancing the conversations and events made possible in the professional organization.

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