Kristine Connolly

Associate Engineer (she/her)

Kristine Connolly

Kristine has participated in a variety of transportation projects throughout the US, primarily in Oregon, Washington, and Ohio. While she specializes in the analysis and management of traffic impact studies for commercial and residential developments, Kristine has a broad range of project experience that includes traffic impact analyses, safety studies, interchange modification studies, roundabout and alternative intersection operations, signal design, alternative performance measures, and access management. She has practical knowledge of analytical and design software, including Synchro/SimTraffic, HCS, SIDRA, Vistro, AutoCAD, and MicroStation. Kristine is a graduate of Columbia University with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. She serves on the CREW Portland Board of Directors and is the Outreach Subcommittee Chair for the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Access Management Committee. After work, Kristine is an avid knitter and world traveler. She also teaches a Pilates class for Kittelson staff.

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