Scott Correll

Senior Planner

Scott is passionate about creating a better public realm, and his background in transportation planning, urban design, inclusive public engagement, policy development, and urban design, brings a multidisciplinary approach to developing solutions for complex urban problems. Scott joins Kittelson after 14 years working for the City of Charlotte, North Carolina, where he worked on projects like the Transportation Action Plan and developed transportation policies for multiple small area plans. He also managed the City’s Pedestrian Program, with over 100 projects delivering 35 miles of sidewalk during his tenure; managed corridor studies; served on multiple capital project teams; and served as a core member of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan team, focusing on policy development and analysis. Scott also won the 2020 City Manager’s award for innovative public engagement as a part of this transformative project. Scott holds a master of city & regional planning from Clemson University and a master of urban design from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. He is an avid pedestrian and bicycle commuter who enjoys traveling, photography, and going on hikes with his dog in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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