Shannon Seibel

Marketing Coordinator II

As a junior proposal coordinator for Kittelson’s Northeast region, Shannon collaborates with staff across the firm to create, edit, and finalize proposal material and other marketing collateral. She appreciates the collaborative culture of Kittelson and loves combining her own strengths with those of her teammates. Shannon holds a BA degree in English language arts and a certification in secondary education from Ramapo College of New Jersey. Prior to joining Kittelson, she spent five years as a teacher in both Fairfax and Loudoun counties (Virginia) and participated in many efforts related to curriculum development, material generation, and unit modification. Shannon loves writing, organizing, and editing and is currently working to enhance her document design skills. She enjoys making wording concise and precise and formatting layouts that are clean and visually appealing. In her free time, Shannon enjoys traveling, spending time with her husband and cats, participating in animal rescue efforts, and hiking.