To relieve increased congestion at peak commute times, the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) is modifying the intersection of Cole and Victory Roads with an innovative thrU-turn design. Additional thru lanes in the intersection are expected to reduce travel time by 50% while maintaining bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. ACHD reached out to Kittelson to visualize the changes in a public information video, preparing the surrounding community and educating them about how the modified intersection will function.


The video combines aerial footage, motion graphics, voiceover, and closed captioning to visualize the new intersection. Licensed drone operator Steve Rhyne began by gathering drone footage of the current intersection, then used 3D animation software to model the planned changes. Text, voiceover, and motion graphics explain the reasoning for the new design and help the viewer process how to use the intersection step by step.

The Outcome

Visualizing an Innovative Intersection Design

This video is helping Boise residents learn how to navigate through the new intersection, improving safety and comfort using the “thrU-Turn” before it’s built.