The objective of the Central Westside Plan (CWP) is to create a community vision for the future of the central westside in Bend, Oregon.


In creating that community vision, the CWP directly acknowledges the inherent link between land use and transportation system planning. It was developed through active engagement with a community advisory committee, key stakeholders, and the general public. This high level of engagement, coupled with innovative transportation and land use analyses, resulted in a robust and community-supported vision for the study area.

The Outcome

A Community-Supported Vision for Downtown Bend

The CWP results in a land use plan that supports a connected and functional transportation system that is able to serve users through a variety of modes into the future. Specific project outcomes are:

  • The community-generated Preferred Land Use Plan identifies recommended land use changes within the study area and includes direction from the community on what should change and what should not.
  • The Transportation Performance Measures support a community-driven approach to assessing and planning the transportation system, and are intended to consider the broad function of the transportation system in connecting a community and providing travel options for users.
  • The Recommended Transportation Projects and Policies is a list of projects and policies to support the Preferred Land Use Plan; it was evaluated based on the identified transportation performance measures.




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Bend. Oregon