Liberty Avenue is a north-south residential street in Tucson, AZ, that provides direct access to two schools, Liberty Elementary School and Apollo Middle School, both located on Liberty Avenue. Multi-use paths are located on both ends of Liberty Avenue: Julian Wash Greenway on the north end and Los Reales on the south end. The challenge is to provide multimodal (bicycle and pedestrian) accommodations on an existing 5-mile segment of Liberty Avenue between 44th Street and Los Reales Road.


Kittelson worked to identify and design traffic elements that provide infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians on Liberty Avenue, slow vehicular traffic on the road, and assist bicyclist and pedestrians in crossing busier roadways traversing the Avenue.

The Outcome

Kid-friendly Roadway Improvements

Kittelson prepared a project assessment (PA) and construction documents (PS&Es) for bicycle and pedestrian improvements, which include three signalized pedestrian-bicycle crossings (Bike Hawks), four traffic circles, five speed tables, and a new sidewalk with Americans with Disabilities Act ramps on the west side of Liberty Avenue.