In Arlington County, VA, East Falls Church is the county’s only suburban-style Metro station, which includes an off-street bus transfer facility and a park-and-ride lot. The area experiences a high volume of pedestrian and bicycle activity through and along busy roadways. The challenge is to develop a complete street improvement project along a 0.5-mile section of North Sycamore Street between Lee Highway and 19th Street North within existing right-of-way.


Kittelson prepared multimodal analysis, 30% design plans of corridor improvements, and traffic signal modifications, as well as designed a protected intersection at the North Sycamore Street/Washington Boulevard intersection. Our design provides a low stress, safe, and convenient experience for pedestrians and bicyclists through the corridor; and the concept of a self-enforcing roadway guided the selection of treatments to better protect pedestrians and bicyclists. Kittelson also worked with Arlington County to offer short and long term options for bus access and operations at the Metro station. At the I-66 interchange on- and off-ramps, Kittelson proposed geometric design and signalization strategies to further protect pedestrians and bicyclists.

The Outcome

Improving Biking and Walking Experience in Tight Space

Arlington County received a preliminary design plan vetted through detailed multimodal analysis to improve non-motorized safety and mobility through this critical corridor that also serves the East Falls Church Metrorail Station. This project represents one of the first attempts in Virginia to implement signal-controlled protected bike lanes, demonstrating Kittelson’s context sensitive approach to roadway design and balanced operations for all users.




Arlington County


Reston, Virginia