Wanting to better understand the state of transit service across Oregon, ODOT sought a consultant team to create a Transit Network Report analyzing the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of the statewide transit network and identifying recommendations for improvement.


Kittelson led a multidisciplinary team to assess Oregon’s transit network through developing performance measures, conducting stakeholder interviews, and analyzing data using TNExT, a tool developed by ODOT to report and analyze transit service using General Transit Feed Specification [GTFS] and US Census data, the State-wide Integrated Model (SWIM), the National Transit Database, and Oregon’s GIS, along with information provided by Oregon’s transit providers. The team prepared a report documenting the state of the system and actionable implementation recommendations.

The Outcome

Reporting on the State of Transit Service Across Oregon

The Statewide Transit Network Report (Report) has been a useful tool to better understand transit service throughout Oregon and help ODOT monitor progress towards achieving public transportation goals. The metrics in the report provide a baseline picture of the statewide network prior to the authorization of the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) program. Future reports will show how the network changes with STIF funding.




Oregon Department of Transportation