Historically known as horse country, Marion County, Florida planned to update their world class facility to better host the hundreds of horses brought to the area for events. With horses and riders arriving at the 378-acre property during peak equestrian season in winter of each year, the World Equestrian Center, LLC wanted to know how many access points they would need to fulfill the traffic demand of such a multi-faceted facility with minimal impact to highways.


The Kittelson team performed a traffic analysis that took place on four separate days in December and January during peak equestrian season. A supplemental study is being planned to provide strategies for addressing impacts on the main entrance. Our team is working to develop a strategy that will alleviate demand at the main entrance and redirect traffic to additional access points. This strategy is a multi-pronged approach covering operational improvements, social media, and staffing.

The Outcome

Equestrian Access: Bridling Traffic Demands

While the project is still ongoing, Kittelson plans to improve efficiency at all entrances through appropriate staffing and direction of traffic. Additionally, the goal is to implement a social media strategy that focuses on keeping the public informed of other access points to the facility that will mitigate strain on the main entrance.





World Equestrian Center, LLC


Marion County, Florida