The Innovation Kitchen is Kittelson’s in-house incubator, designed to foster a culture of innovation by encouraging our people to develop new approaches to better serve the communities in which we work.

The Innovation Kitchen welcomes ideas submitted by all members of the Kittelson team. The members of the Innovation Kitchen work with these individuals to develop their ideas, test them out in real-world experiments, and disseminate lessons learned throughout the firm. Here are a few of the ideas we've been cooking up solutions for:

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Researching how data generated during the design phase of traffic signals can be utilized throughout the lifecycle of a signal

Curbside Value Model

Developing a tool that makes it possible to price out the value of the curb against multiple use cases

Urban Aerial Mobility

Exploring how Urban Aerial Mobility may be integrated into traditional transportation corridor and facility planning programs

EV Oriented Development

Examining how electric vehicle charging infrastructure and development patterns can be arranged to improve mobility and support economic development

Innovation Challenges

The Innovation Kitchen also sponsors Innovation Challenges, in which we put out a call for ideas related to a specific problem set. Participating team members pitch their solutions to a panel of trusted industry partners and obtain feedback. Through this program, we help staff understand how to translate their ideas into practical solutions that can be applied to multiple use cases across the transportation industry. View an example here!