The world has been through many changes over the past year, but one thing that hasn’t changed is students’ drive and ambition in finding opportunities to benefit their future. We are excited to welcome our 2021 summer intern class!

Last year, we made the decision to adapt our traditional in-person program to be completely virtual. We learned a lot by going online last year and, while addressing the needs and preferences of each office, took those lessons to build a hybrid program this year. Whether in-person or virtual, providing a positive and immersive learning environment gives participants the tools and experience they need to become tomorrow’s industry leaders. Here they will make valuable connections, explore their passions and interests, and contribute to real-life projects while working alongside their mentors and Kittelson staff.

Join us in welcoming our 2021 intern class, joining us across 10 different offices!



Headshot of Andreana RoxasAndreana Roxas: Reston, VA

Andreana is a senior at Morgan State University studying Civil Engineering. She is interested in a range of transportation specialties, such as operations, design, and technology. During her time with us, she’s excited to learn about smart cities/emerging technologies, modeling and simulation, Intelligent Transportation Systems, and bike/ped facilities. Outside of work, Andreana enjoys exploring many different hobbies, like hiking with friends and creating abstract works of art.


Bryce Grame: Orlando, FLHeadshot of Bryce Grame

Bryce is excited for a change of scenery as he joins us in the Sunshine State! He is from Montana where he grew up cycling with his family in Glacier National Park. He graduated in May with a BS in Civil Engineering and a minor in Statistics from Montana State University, and will begin pursuing a PhD in Transportation Engineering and a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Florida this Fall. In his free time, Bryce jumps at the chance to spend time outdoors, whether it be surfing, playing frisbee golf, exercising, or cycling.


Headshot of Jarvis YaunJarvis Yaun: Oakland, CA

Jarvis hails from sunny California where he attends University of California, Berkeley, studying Civil Engineering with a minor in Data Science, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. His interests are in emerging technology, including connected and autonomous vehicles and smart cities, ITS, system optimization, transportation operations and design. Over the summer, Jarvis is excited to learn more about planning, modeling, and simulation. In his spare time, Jarvis enjoys playing soccer and honing his photography skills.


Karen Phan: Boise, IDHeadshot of Karen Phan

Karen joins us from Southern California and is currently earning her Master of Urban and Regional Planning from UCLA. She completed her undergrad in Integrative Biology in Spring 2018 and became interested in the relationship between transportation and sustainability. During her time with Kittelson, Karen hopes to expand her technical skills while gaining a wide variety of experience with planning and engineering projects. Outside of school and work, Karen enjoys hiking, board games, and traveling. Her goal is to visit a new country every year and so far has visited Japan, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, and China!


Headshot of Kate CogginsKate Coggins: Portland, OR

Kate is from Ohio where she is currently pursuing her MS in Civil Engineering with a focus in Transportation at Ohio State University. She discovered her passion for transportation engineering after trying construction and structural engineering during other internships while earning her BS in Civil Engineering from the University of Alabama. During this internship, Kate is excited to diversify her skillset in multimodal planning, operations, and design work. In her free time, Kate likes to spend time with her family, put together puzzles, or catch up on some reading.


Kyle Wurtz: Wilmington, NCHeadshot of Kyle Wurtz

Kyle is excited to join the team from his home in North Carolina, where he is a Masters student with NC State studying Landscape Architecture. He has worked on several projects during his time as a research student at the Institute for Transportation Research and Education, including NCHRP Report 948 (Guide for Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety at Alternative and Other Intersections and Interchanges, formerly NCHRP 07-25). Kyle has interests in multimodal design, urban planning, and landscape architecture and is looking forward to expanding his technical knowledge during his internship! Kyle is also an active member in NC State’s ITE student chapter. Outside of school, he enjoys biking, playing disc golf, drawing, and cooking.


Headshot of Lauren PrunklLauren Prunkl: Tampa/Tallahassee, FL

Lauren joins the Tampa/Tallahassee offices from South Carolina and is a second year Master of City and Regional Planning candidate from the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. Her interests are in active transportation planning, accessibility, and transit, and Lauren’s experience from her most recent semester includes addressing barriers to medical transportation for and engagement with vulnerable or often marginalized groups, such as those with disabilities, low-income individuals, zero-vehicle households, and communities of color. Over the past year, Lauren has enjoyed getting creative and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.


Micah Bray: Washington, DCHeadshot of Micah Bray

Micah participated in Kittelson’s very first all-virtual inter program last year and is excited for his second round this summer! He is a third year dual Masters student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying City and Regional Planning and Civil and Environmental Engineering with focuses in transportation planning and engineering, respectively. He hopes to contribute to an increase in walk/bike trips/mode share as well as equitable access to active transportation infrastructure in his professional career. Micah recently completed his first sprint triathlon and enjoys the outdoors through walking, hiking, and paddle boarding.


Headshot of Lauren ZuendLauren Zuend: Portland, OR

Lauren is a junior at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, studying Civil Engineering. She is originally from Virginia and enjoys the new experiences and perspectives the West Coast has to offer. She is an active member of Cal Poly’s chapter of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE), serving as this past year’s Speaker Coordinator and will serve as Vice President this upcoming academic year. She is also involved in planning the first virtual Student Leadership Summit for ITE, which was hosted at Cal Poly this past year! In her spare time, Lauren enjoys cooking, baking, and horseback riding.


Peter Yu: Orlando, FLHeadshot of Peter Yu

Peter joins the Orlando office from his home in Washington. He is fresh from his first year studying Civil Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle and is interested in highway and junction design, traffic operations and simulation, traffic signal control, and roadway safety. Over the summer, Peter wants to expand his technical skills and knowledge while gaining experience with engineering projects. Outside of school and work, Peter enjoys hiking, building transportation infrastructure in Minecraft, and exploring the transportation systems in his area by walking, biking, and driving.


Headshot of Seyedmostafa "Sal" ZahediSeyedmostafa (Sal) Zahedi: Wilmington, NC

Seyedmostafa (Sal) hails from Boston where his is a PhD candidate at Northwestern University with a focus on transit and ride sharing (shared mobility). He is working to understand how to integrate these aspects into operations and planning. Prior to his PhD, Sal spent two years as a transportation planner. His experience includes designing transportation systems using mathematical models, optimization techniques, data analytics, and simulation and it passionate about seeking solutions for healthy and mutually beneficial co-existence between public transportation and mobility-on-demand services. In his free time, Sal can be found at outdoor workout gyms around Boston honing his calisthenics abilities.

Intern class of 2021, welcome to the team! We can’t wait to see your contributions and growth over the summer. For more information about our internship program, visit our internship page.