Franco Saraceno

Associate Planner

For most of his 17-year career as a city and regional planner, Franco has focused on creative technical and collaborative strategies in corridor and system planning studies. His fundamental belief is that planning, as both art and science, requires a certain creativity to fully understand and identify appropriate practical solutions. It also requires a technical rigor that can reliably inform and support those findings. Franco’s areas of specific expertise include: metropolitan planning organization short- and long-range system planning; Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) regional, freight and multimodal corridor studies; and innovative public and stakeholder engagement techniques. One example in his innovative portfolio is his pioneering work using multimodal accessibility as the technical framework for long-range transportation plan updates. Franco leads an active lifestyle as a runner, cyclist and dad, all of which contribute to a strong personal experience of multimodalism that both informs and inspires his professional work as a planner.