Megan Morrow

Transportation Analyst

Megan is a recent graduate of Tufts University, where she earned her master’s degree in urban and environmental policy and planning as well as the Ann Urosevich Outstanding Student Award in Policy and Planning. Her love for transportation stems from a lifetime of active and multimodal commutes, ranging from a short walk to her first job in her rural Rhode Island hometown to a ride on one of the busiest bus routes in northern Europe to her school in Copenhagen. Currently, Megan enjoys a five-mile ride to the office on her electric bike. Prior to starting full-time at Kittelson, Megan worked at Superpedestrian and spent a summer as a Kittelson intern in the Oakland office. Megan works on a variety of projects, with a focus on geospatial analysis, equitable transportation access, and active transportation. She looks forward to exploring additional areas in the field. Outside of work, you can find Megan baking, hiking peaks in New Hampshire, taking walks around her neighborhood, or heading to the beach.

Projects Megan has worked on

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