Sophia Semensky

Engineering Associate

Sophia Semensky

Sophia is a recent graduate of the University of Florida, where she received her bachelor’s degree in civil engineering. While in school, she developed a passion for multimodal transportation and city planning through her experiences in Europe and in observing her bike-friendly college town of Gainesville. She held two internships in Gainesville and in San Francisco, where she gained experience in traffic operations, transit access studies, safety analysis, and bicycle and pedestrian facility design. 

Sophia also studied abroad in France and in the Netherlands, where she delighted in the joys of an upright Dutch bicycle and a comprehensive, safe cycling network. Sophia is excited to apply her love for active transportation and transit at Kittelson as well as explore the cities and nature of Oregon.  

When she is not biking around town, Sophia enjoys baking sourdough bread, practicing her French, hiking in the woods, and reading a good book. 

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