City of Tempe, AZ, is enhancing its transportation network to facilitate personal mobility by other means than cars. Alameda Drive is a centrally located collector street that can provide good pedestrian and cycling connection regionally and within the city. The street extends through industrial, commercial, and residential sections of the city. Creating a consistent and safe experience for cyclists is a challenge given the different street and surrounding characteristics.


Repurposing wide paved sections of the street for bicycle-only use increases safety for cyclists and makes Alameda Drive an attractive corridor. Kittelson created multiple street cross section alternatives for each segment of the road and presented them graphically to City staff, who were able to identify the potential cross sections that met the needs of the neighbors and cycling community. Kittelson prepared photo-morphs of the preferred alternatives and shared them with the public for their final input on how the street could change to attract more cyclists and pedestrians.



The Outcome

Photo-Morph: Sci-Fi Villain, or Public Outreach Hero?

Having graphical representations of the proposed changes made the public outreach and interaction very productive. Residents provided constructive comments on what elements they wanted to see implemented or dismissed. The final preferred alternatives had wide public support and created a consistent, dedicated bicycle facility along the Alameda Drive corridor.




City of Tempe


Tempe, Arizona