Dockless scooters appeared in Baltimore City in summer 2018 without warning. Since then, Baltimore has aimed to develop a program that leverages this new technology to improve transportation equity for underserved communities and promote more efficient and sustainable modes of transportation.


Kittelson provides an embedded consultant to the Baltimore City Department of Transportation to assist in oversight and development of the City’s Dockless Vehicle Permit program, which includes three vendors. So far, our support has included monitoring vendor compliance with the City’s equitable vehicle deployment laws, siting dockless vehicle parking corrals, designing and analyzing a dockless vehicle user survey, contributing to writing and data analysis for annual evaluation reports, and preparing for monthly public Dockless Vehicle Committee meetings. We have also developed metrics and a process by which vendor compliance with equitable deployment requirements is assessed, and supported the revision of Baltimore City’s dockless vehicle rules & regulations for the 2021-2022 permit period.

The Outcome

Charm City Goes Dockless

Because of the Dockless Vehicle Permit program, Baltimore City DOT has gained an understanding of how its residents use a new transportation technology and how vendors comply with its regulations. Both of these have led to a more equitable distribution of resources and better understanding of how policy effects the daily lives of the people who call Baltimore City home.




Baltimore City Department of Transportation (BCDOT)


Baltimore, Maryland