Boise State University is a rapidly growing and evolving university that provides a dynamic learning environment for students from all over the United States and across the globe. In the past decade, the university has transformed significantly from a commuter college to a self-contained and integrated live-and-learn environment. In order to continue to provide the highest standards of academics and athletics in the face of this growth, Boise State University seeks to modify, expand, and enhance its campus, buildings, and infrastructure.


Since 2008, Kittelson has worked hand in hand with Boise State University as a trusted advisory for all transportation-related needs. This work has included everything from large scale transportation master planning; transit, pedestrian, and bicycle planning; to detailed concept streetscape designs, traffic operations and impact analyses, event management plans, and signal timing. Kittelson has also assisted the university with on-going coordination and facilitation between multiple public agencies to achieve the necessary approvals and permits for campus development and construction.

Boise State Master Plan
Boise State Master Plan - simulation

The Outcome

Boise State's Trusted Advisor Since 2008

Kittelson has completed the following work for Boise State University:

  • Planning and conceptual design of the university transit center
  • Completion of the transportation components of both the 2008 and 2015 Campus Master Plan
  • Taco Bell Arena and Albertson’s Stadium Event Management Plans
  • Transportation Impact Study for the Micro College of Business and Economics
  • Street vacations and streetscape conversions from traditional roadways to campus-focused multimodal spaces




Boise State University


Boise, Idaho