Beach Boulevard is a 22-mile long corridor that runs through 10 different cities and agencies. As the primary north-south arterial in Orange County, Beach Boulevard has a substantial diversity of land uses, travel patterns, active transportation facilities, transit services, and access/circulation needs. Kittelson was brought on to identify and address multimodal, operational, and safety concerns along Beach Boulevard.


Kittelson used Big Data sources to determine seasonality factors and origin/destination patterns to better understand existing usage patterns and the level of transportation improvements necessary. In conjunction with a Technical Working Group made up of each city and agency along the corridor, we identified short- and long-term improvements for all modes of travel, identifying means to enhance active transportation and transit use.

The Outcome

Reimagining Orange County’s Primary North-South Arterial

The study recommendations included conceptual plans and cost estimates for the improvements, plus a plan to facilitate implementation for each city. A key outcome of the study was the development of a Multimodal Improvements Toolbox.

With this framework and toolbox, cities along the corridor are now positioned to implement multimodal improvements and apply for regional and state grant funding for these projects.




Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)


Orange County, CA